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Boiler Repair Fast, Same Day, Stress Free, Call Now

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Boiler Repair Fast, Same Day, Stress Free, Call Now

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  • 15 Jun

    Spring Clean Blog

    Posted by : Brenda Evans on 2016-06-15

    Here at Plumb London we do love a good spring clean! Our office is now spotless! And we all know a clean environment means a happy and clean mind!

    Along with the usual dusting, here are some unconventional things you could incorporate into your spring clean which could also result in saving you lots of money!

    Drip, drip, drip!

    That dripping tap you have been meaning to get fixed since Christmas, yet haven’t quite got around to getting fixed due to such a busy schedule, what better time to finally repair it. A leaky shower head or faucet can waste up to 100 or more gallons of water per week. Imagine the money you could save, get it repaired now!!


  • 04 Mar

    Attention to all Landlords or prospective Landlords out there!!

    Posted by : Brenda Evans on 2016-03-04

    Did you know you have a legal responsibility to your tenants for keeping them safe in their property?

    Did you also know those responsibilities and duties extend to a wide range of accommodation, occupied by a tenant?  These can vary from residential premises, hostels, bed and breakfasts and even caravans!

    By law, landlords have to abide by The Gas Safe Regulations to ensure gas appliances, fittings and flues provided within the tenanted property are safe. If they aren’t, not only is this illegal, this could result in a fire, explosion and could give the tenants carbon monoxide poisoning!

  • 11 Jan

    Attention all Housewives!!

    Posted by : Brenda Evans on 2016-01-11

    Do your eyes glaze over when conversation turns to choosing a new boiler??

    Did you even know there are different types of boiler??

    Please read on and I hope I have put it in simple terms, that makes it slightly more interesting than watching paint dry!!

    Combi boilers

    Combination boilers - more commonly known as combi boilers - are the most popular kind in the UK and provide heat and hot water with no need for water tanks or cylinders. You can pick either a gas or electric combi boiler.


    • you get unlimited heat and hot water when you need it (don’t have to scream at the kids to get out of the shower!).
    • there's no need for a tank in your loft.
    • they don't take up much space (more room for shoes and handbags!!)


    • The water pressure might be reduced if you need hot water from more than one tap at a time (you might have to scream at the kids if they turn the tap on while you’re having a shower!)
    • Combi boiler installation is quite tricky.

    Suitable for

    Almost any home, but best for homes where lots of people won't need lots of hot water at the same time.

  • 13 Nov

    I want a new Shower!

    Posted by : Brenda Evans on 2015-11-13

    I want a new shower I hear you say!  If only it was that simple is what I say!!  I said exactly those words not too long ago and it opened a mind field of questions – “Well madam, do you want a power shower, or electric or would you prefer a thermostatic??”  Hadn’t got a clue!!  I am now a mind of information on showers and all the different types, so I thought I would share my knowledge with you for when you say  “I want a new shower!”

    There are several different  types, but even before you choose your shower you need to understand the way the hot water is already heated in your house and your water pressure, as some showers cannot be used with some heating systems.                                                  

  • 07 Sep

    Gas Safety Week

    Posted by : Brenda Evans on 2015-09-07




    14 – 20 SEPTEMBER 2015

    What are you talking about, I hear you ask.  I want to make you aware of this event, as you may not even be aware that you may be at risk!!  You get your car serviced and MOT every year, well – NEWS FLASH – you need to get your home gas safety checked every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer.


    Gas Safety week is an annual event to raise awareness of gas safety.  It is co-ordinated by the gas industry including retailers, manufacturers, consumer bodies and the public.  Here at Plumblondon – we fully support the initiative.

    Did you know that badly fitted and poorly serviced gas cookers, boilers and fires can put you at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires and explosions?

  • 10 Aug

    What do you know about Drainage?

    Posted by : Brenda Evans on 2015-08-10

    Not many people know as from October 1st 2011, property owners are no longer responsible for certain parts of the sewer pipes, that are connected to their homes and the public sewer system.  The responsibility for the pipes was transferred to the Sewerage companies. The Government wants it made clear through the legislation about the ownership and better long-term maintenance for the sewer network.  They are now broken down as public sewers (owned and maintained by the sewerage companies) and private drains (the responsibility of property owners).  Private drains are drains within the boundaries of the private property. By calling your local Sewerage Company before calling a contractor if you aren’t sure whether it’s public or private, could save you money in the long run.

  • 08 Jul


    Posted by : Brenda Evans on 2015-07-08

    Do you spend hours scrubbing at lime scale on your taps and shower heads?  Are your appliances all scaled up with lime scale and need replacing because of it?

    If the answer to these questions is YES – read on.  We have some top tips and information to help YOU!!

  • 19 May

    Plumbing and Heating energy saving tips!

    Posted by : Brenda Evans on 2015-05-19

    It’s always a pain when your next monthly bills are due, especially when they’re costing you even more than last time! How has this happened you ask yourself? Now, I can’t eliminate your bills completely but, I can give you several tips on how to reduce them!

  • 12 Sep

    Plumb London Newsletter - Gas Safety Week - September 2014

    Posted by : Brenda Evans on 2014-09-12

    Did you miss our September Newsletter about Gas Safety Week? Well not to worry you can find it here. You will find information about Gas Saftey Week September 2014.

  • 04 Sep

    What Happens To Hot Fat and Wet Wipes In Our London Drains?

    Posted by : Brenda Evans on 2014-09-04

    The answer... a 'Fatberg' in our drainage system.

    Last week in the Shepherds Bush area of London, the authorities where notified of a possible block within the drainage system. After an investigation, a Boeing 747 (260ft long and weighing 15 Tonnes) size 'fatberg' was discovered, which put simply is a build up of hot grease fat, wet wipes and other waste.

  • 16 May

    Plumb London Newsletter May 2014

    Posted by : Brenda Evans on 2014-05-16

    Did you miss our May Newsletter? Well not to worry you can find it here. It contains interesting plumbing news, articles and offers.

  • 09 May

    Looking After Your Heating System

    Posted by : Brenda Evans on 2014-05-09

    Few people understand the importance of getting your boiler checked annually. Here are some reasons why you should!

    • Save money on repairs 
      Full-blown boiler problems can often develop from minor faults. An annual service will increase the chance that these are picked up on and fixed before they become a problem, saving you money and future hassle.
    • Reduce your heating costs 
      The engineer who undertakes your annual boiler service will make sure that it is running as efficiently as possible. This will go a long way towards making sure that you minimise your heating bills.
    • Carbon monoxide can kill 
      Boilers that aren't properly installed, maintained or ventilated can produce carbon monoxide. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, drowsiness, and nausea, breathlessness and stomach pains. Signs are hard to spot and can be confused with tiredness or a cold. Unfortunately this silent killer can't be seen or smelt, so it really is important to make sure your boiler is serviced at least once a year.
    • If you're a landlord, it's the law 
      If you're a landlord, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that each of your properties has a current Gas Safety Certificate. Only Gas Safe Register approved engineers are qualified to perform this gas safety check and issue a CP12 Inspection Certificate to prove it.
  • 20 Apr

    Skilled Plumber Shortages

    Posted by : Brenda Evans on 2014-04-20

    A report published by the BBC suggests that the problem of inadequate skills, qualifications or experience in the workforce is hitting some industries harder than others, with more skills shortages found in areas such as manufacturing, construction and plumbing.