Skilled Plumber Shortages

A report published by the BBC suggests that the problem of inadequate skills, qualifications or experience in the workforce is hitting some industries harder than others, with more skills shortages found in areas such as manufacturing, construction and plumbing.

Factors Include:

•    Nearly half of employers across the UK (48%) admitted to recruiting people with higher levels of skills and knowledge than were required for the job.

•    The research found the number of establishments providing training for their staff was back to levels seen before the recession.
•    The amount spent on training decreased.

•    Only a minority of businesses were prepared to give education leavers their first job.

•    College leavers were reported by employers to be more "work ready" than school leavers of the same age.

•    Businesses might not be able to make the most of the upturn because they don't have the right people.

•    Businesses need to start thinking about planning their talent pipeline now - not waiting.

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