What Happens To Hot Fat and Wet Wipes

The answer... a 'Fatberg' in our drainage system.

Last week in the Shepherds Bush area of London, the authorities where notified of a possible block within the drainage system. After an investigation, a Boeing 747 (260ft long and weighing 15 Tonnes) size 'fatberg' was discovered, which put simply is a build up of hot grease fat, wet wipes and other waste.

A team of sewer experts from Thames Water spent most of last week (4 Days) breaking it down. Thames Water currently spend £12million a year tackling blockages, most of them formed because people have tipped cooking fats down the drain and wet wipes down the loo.

The immense, solid blockage was removed using high-powered water jets and taken from the sewer to prevent flooding to nearby homes and business.

It is so 'Important' to understand what you should and should NOT put down your toilet, drain or sink. By people choosing not to put unwanted items down the drain, it could save the authorities large ammounts of money and avoid potential flooding in certain areas of London and the UK.

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Watch a video on the 'Fatberg' below:

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This is not a one off, it has happend in the past and will continue to happen. Last year Kingston Upon Thames was hit by a 'Fatberg' see HERE.