I Want A New Shower

I want a new shower I hear you say!  If only it was that simple is what I say!!  I said exactly those words not too long ago and it opened a mind field of questions – “Well madam, do you want a power shower, or electric or would you prefer a thermostatic??”  Hadn’t got a clue!!  I am now a mind of information on showers and all the different types, so I thought I would share my knowledge with you for when you say  “I want a new shower!”

There are several different  types, but even before you choose your shower you need to understand the way the hot water is already heated in your house and your water pressure, as some showers cannot be used with some heating systems.

DIGITAL SHOWER – very super and spandangaly – these are the latest  innovation and come in pumped, unpumped, electric or mixer models.  The water comes from a small processor box which mixes hot and cold water to the desired temperature – so no nasty shock if a certain someone turns on the cold tap!!  The processor box can be out of sight and the water flowing to the shower head can be via the riser rail, the wall or the ceiling.  This mean you won’t have to drill through any existing tiles. Another plus is that if you buy one with wireless or Bluetooth technology you can install the control unit up to 10 metres away meaning you can get your water hot before getting in!! Obviously these come in more expensive than other showers.  But they are a little more luxurious.

Wow I hear you say.  I know, a lot to take in but its worth having all the facts so you can pick the right shower for YOU!!