Spring Clean

Here at Plumb London we do love a good spring clean! Our office is now spotless! And we all know a clean environment means a happy and clean mind!

Along with the usual dusting, here are some unconventional things you could incorporate into your spring clean which could also result in saving you lots of money!

Drip, drip, drip!

That dripping tap you have been meaning to get fixed since Christmas, yet haven’t quite got around to getting fixed due to such a busy schedule, what better time to finally repair it. A leaky shower head or faucet can waste up to 100 or more gallons of water per week. Imagine the money you could save, get it repaired now!!

Cold radiators!

Although summer is on its way (and hopefully warmer weather), why not take this opportunity to bleed the radiators so they are ready for the next cold spell? If a radiator has cool spots along the top panel that means there are air pockets inside. Ensure you turn the central heating system off before doing it though, as the radiators need to be cool enough to handle! This will ensure your home is warm and toasty and you aren’t wasting any money by turning the heating on any higher than it has to be! Still having radiator issues, you may need a power flush, which is a full system cleanse. This removes sludge, rust and debris from your central heating system. One of our senior engineers can advise if this is something that you require. Just give us a call!

How often do you clean behind your radiator? By dusting the convection fins (the zigzagging metal strips behind the radiator) this will improve the airflow, resulting in a warmer home.  Use a wire coat hanger for those hard- to reach areas, just wrap a cloth around it and bend accordingly to work your way behind!

Clean those plugholes!

Pour two cups of white wine vinegar, and half a cup of bicarbonate of soda down the plughole. Leave for ten minutes and rinse with boiling hot water. This will clean the pipes by flushing out trapped gunk and get rid of any bad smells.

Lime scale!

Got lime scale around your taps and shower head? Here is a handy tip to get them gleaming again! Pour vinegar into small sandwich bags and attach over the tap or head with an elastic band to hold it. Leave over night and with a quick wipe/ rinse all lime scale will be gone!

Clean that toilet!

A cheap and easy way to clean that toilet and ensure gleaming results. Simply pour some a litre of cheap cola into the toilet bowl, leave for a couple of hours, scrub any stubborn areas and then flush.  

So that’s all the little tips we have to take into consideration when carrying out your spring clean.

Thank you for reading and good luck! :)