How to Stop Pipe and Drain Blockages

Many pipe and drain blockages are caused by people putting inappropriate substances and items down sinks and toilets.

Some everyday things cause blockages of pipes and drains lead to substantial stress and expense for homeowners and businesses.

Fats, oils and grease are the most significant problems for drains. Because oil and greasy water are liquids, people think it is safe to pour them down the plug hole. Once poured down the sink they solidify, which can result in blocked drains, pollution and cause flooding. To dispose of fats, oils and grease properly, let it cool down and then dispose of it in the bin. Wipe greasy dishes and pans with kitchen paper towel before loading the dishwasher or washing up.

Hair creates many internal household blockages in basin, bath and shower u bends. Clearing hair from each plug hole regularly can save the cost of unblocking drains later. Strands of hair build up and mix with soap deposits to cause bigger blockages. Clean the hair in the showers, sinks and bath or use a hair catcher over each plug hole to prevent the hair from entering the waste pipes.

Many women in the UK flush their tampons down the toilet. All sanitary products cause blockages. Provide a bin in every home toilet, bathroom and shower room to encourage correct disposal.

There are other causes of pipe and drain blockages, which include food waste, plastic bags, plastic liners from sanitary products, nappies, cotton buds, condoms, bandages and plasters, baby wipes, medicines, needles and syringes, cleaning wipes, razor blades and other bathroom products.

If prevention doesn’t work in your household or property and you need help to try and unblock a drain, have a look at our ‘how to’ guide or call a local plumber for advice.

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