Take a Chance on Dodgy Plumbers and You Could Pay the Price

Highlighting the importance of always using an approved plumbing installer, WaterSafe – the UK body for approved plumbers – warns that it costs an average of £426 to fix a bodged plumbing job.

As well as the cost of fixing a bodged job, the fines can be extensive. Haygrove Ltd had to pay a total of more than £11,000 under the Water Industry Act. They pleaded guilty to offences due to badly connected plumbing.

As winter approaches, we know there is a higher demand for plumbers and Gas Safe engineers. As calls go up, it’s tricky to get the best tradespeople to add your appointment onto their busy calendar. Beware of rogue trading plumbers who know that September to February is a peak opportunity to catch you off-guard.

Watersafe wants to help consumers to make better choices when trying to find a qualified, trusted plumber. Their advice is not to put cost-cutting ahead of quality when it comes to plumbing work. They remind homeowners and businesses that it’s a legal requirement for customers to notify their water company before altering plumbing connected to the drains network.

Gas Safe Register research reveals that many people who hire a gas engineer in London or across the UK don’t spend time checking they’re working legally. Before letting any tradespeople into your home or business premises, it’s important to make sure that you’re not putting yourself at risk. Water contamination can potentially put health and lives at risk. Illegal gas work can cause gas leak explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Consumer psychologist Dr Simon Moore says:

Our trust [of] tradespeople is based on a variety of factors such as personal presentation, their body language and how official they look… not always on their qualifications… is often how we cut corners to speed up our decision making. Cutting corners on gas safety, however, can result in a much more dangerous situation than most other decisions we make.

More than half (52%) of those surveyed say they have let a plumber or other tradesperson into their home without checking if they are qualified. The research shows that gas engineers are trusted more than electricians, plumbers, joiners and carpenters to work in homes without being asked to provide their ID.

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To find out more and to check the plumbing and Gas Safe registers, please read more guidance on the Water Safe and Gas Safe Register websites.

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