Top Plumbing Tips for Your House Move

What should look out for in your new home when it comes to plumbing, pipes, taps and fittings?

Before you buy, check whether there is a water meter monitoring the water use. If your new home doesn’t have a water meter, the local water company sets the charge and usually expects payment in advance.

Take a careful look at pipes to find out if your home has any lead water pipes. Lead is usually dull grey but shines when scraped with a screwdriver. Lead in water can be harmful, so it’s a good idea to decide how to replace it.

Low water pressure can be a problem. Look for any tell-tale signs, such as leaky taps and radiators. Reduced pressure from mains water can be a result of leaking equipment or blocked pipes. Some modern heating appliances and showers will not work at low water pressure levels. You can contact the local water company to ask for pressure and flow measurements and determine whether the problem lies in-house or the mains pipes. You can call a local plumber from Plumb London if you require a professional opinion.

Check the boiler service history and whether it has a Gas Safe certificate of installation. The legal requirements relating to boilers can be found on the Gas Safe website. If the boiler a traditional conventional system, check there is a lid on the cold water tank in the loft to protect the water from frost. Boilers can be tricky and must be handled by a qualified, registered and experienced professional, if you require the help of an affordable boiler engineers, call Plumb London today.

Can you find the internal stop tap where the water supply comes into the hose? Sometimes home extensions or improvements can hide the tap, but it’s essential you can access it quickly in a water emergency.

Has the house been empty for a while and is the water supply turned off at the mains in the road or driveway? You may need permission from the local water authority to access mains supply taps and valves.

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