Bathroom Makeover Tips

Add exceptionally stylish accessories, fixtures and fittings with these bathroom makeover tips. If you’re planning to install a shiny new bath, shower, basin and even perhaps some underfloor heating, here are some finishing touch ideas for you.

The Bathroom

The bathroom. What is it for? A place to unwind at the end of a busy workday. A room in the house for some peace away from the children. A place to take a hot shower after a run. Bathrooms can be luxurious, comfortable and functional. No matter whether you’re just making small changes or about to splash out, we have many bathroom makeover tips to inspire you.

Tiles, paint or panelling?

A large expanse of tiles can offer stunning spa looks. Panelling with painted plaster provides retro vintage chic. Do you want a modern, sleek look or traditional glamour? Your walls set the style and tone, covering the largest of areas in your new bathroom design. White, modern, mosaic, Victorian or rustic charm has its place.


For practical purposes, there are strict regulations about the type of lights to use close to water supplies. Choose stunning lighting effects with the correct health & safety considerations. Dimmer switch controlled chandeliers, under cupboard lights, in-ceiling lights or even floor lights to create a relaxing look.

Mirror effects

Mirrors are not just practical ways to help you to brush your teeth, style your hair, or get a perfectly a close shave. The reflective glass surfaces create a feeling of space and light. Add a little bit of bling and sparkle for the wow factor. Go large for modern appeal. Position your smaller mirrors at the right height for both children and adults to use with ease. More extended full-length mirrors are stunning and useful but remember to allow privacy and position mirrors alongside a toilet.

Underfloor heating and towel rails

If you don’t have the space for a heated towel rail, then underfloor heating is an ideal option. Stepping out of the bath or shower onto a warm, cosy floor is priceless. Underfloor heating is also perfect for drying the damp floor to reduce the slipping risks.

Double the dream

If you have space, try planning for two sinks – his and hers – double the dream! The symmetry of two sinks is an ultimate luxury. There are some beautiful sinks, baths, showers, taps and accessories available for the most desirable of finishes.

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