Keep Your Bathroom In Top Condition

In a frequently used bathroom, it can be tricky to keep the room and surfaces in top condition. With some straightforward tips, avoid mess, mould or bacteria build-up. We’ve got the information you need to make some simple decisions about bathroom cleaning.

Improve air circulation

Bathrooms, moisture, muck and mildew can be avoided with the easiest tip of all – improve air circulation. Open the window or use an extractor fan for 15 to 20 minute after a shower. Help steam to leave the room to stop mould in its tracks. Bathrooms without windows need an extractor fan to meet building regulations. If a wet room is on your wish list, then invest in a wet room, or you will be endlessly trying to clean and dry the surfaces to keep them looking and smelling bright and fresh.

Lower the lid

Keep your bathroom hygienically clean every time you lower the lid. That’s right, close the toilet seat - and lower the lid too – every time you flush. The bathroom is a much more hygienic space when the flush stays inside the toilet bowl. Otherwise, a spray of water containing bacteria can drop onto your bathroom floor. A soft-close toilet seat – sometimes called soft hinged toilet seat - close quietly without slamming. Less noise is always useful, and as a bonus, most lids have quick release easy to operate buttons for easy cleaning!

Best brush practice

Daily toothbrushing creates a lot of mess, with toothpaste and splashes on surrounding surfaces. Store your toothbrush upright to air dry naturally. Have a stack of handy towelling cleaning cloths available for wiping the basin. A quick spray and wipe of anti-bacterial cleaner will keep the germs away. Pop toothbrush holders in the dishwasher and cleaning cloths into the washing machine every couple of days and you’ll have a fresh, clean room again.

Shower curtain shockers!

Shower curtains with a black line of mildew and mould are shockers! Some of the top hotel chains have found the answer. Instead of fixing the shower rail directly above the bath edge, they position the rail a foot away and slant a slightly longer shower curtain into the bath. After the shower, the wet curtain hangs away from the tub to allow more air to circulate. Mould and mildew hate fresh air! Prevention is so much better than a cure.


Glass and reflective surfaces can look so wonderful when they have a shine. However, tempting it is to use a multi-surface sprays cleaners on mirrors, they will most likely leave an unsightly smear. To keep a mirror in top condition, use glass cleaner from a cloth rather than spraying directly onto the glass.

Tiles and grout

Tiles are not only in different shapes and sizes but tile materials too. Some cleansers are not appropriate for use, so please do always follow the manufacturer instructions. For examples, natural stone can be porous and vulnerable to damage. For grout, always use special grout cleaners to remove grime from tile grout.
Please do always check the cleaning product instructions and maintenance guides supplied with all of your products.

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