Tips - Know Your Plumbing in Your Home

Most of us are often guilty of not giving plumbing in our home a second thought when it’s all working (as it should). However, a basic understanding of your plumbing system will help you troubleshoot and possibly avoid damage (possible water damage) in your time of need.

Find some helpful plumbing tips below:

  • Locate and Turn Off Your Water Main (Stop Tap): If your plumbing system experiences a leak, you will appreciate knowing where your stop tap is located in your home and being able to stop the water flow. We advise everyone who has moved in to a new home (purchased or rented) that they locate the stop tap (just in case the worst happens).
  • Find the Individual Cut-Off Valves (appliances): Check your appliances using water such as the dish washer, washing machine and toilets to locate the small handle on them where you can stop their water supply. The washer handle is usually behind the item, near the wall.
  • Get Acquainted with the Boiler: Find the shut off valves for water, electric and gas supply on your boiler.
  • Unclog a Sink (natural unblocking solution): If your sink at home is draining slowly and you have tried the traditional drain cleaner with no luck, you can try a natural solution of 1/2 cup each of vinegar and baking soda. Mix it and pour it slowly into the drain to see if that helps move it.

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