What Is A CCTV Drain Survey?

A CCTV drain survey gets to the cause of drainage problems quickly and easily with the right equipment. Drainage engineers use the latest tech to diagnose the cause.

Have you ever had drain problems that keep coming back? Homeowners and businesses may try many solutions to unclog drains but fail to clear the drain waste and waste money!

In this article, we answer your frequently asked questions about CCTV drain surveys, explain more about the CCTV drain survey kit, and other facts you might not already know about how a drain survey is conducted. Drain surveys are the essential modern-day tool used by drainage professionals.

Why do I need CCTV Drainage Surveys?

You might need CCTV drainage surveys when you need an in-depth look at the underground workings of your drainage system. Professional drainage engineer teams will arrive at your property with specialist high-tech cameras and lengths of long tubing.

Many metres of tubing allow for a deep delve into the inside of your drainage pipes to reveal images you may not have seen before! A camera sends a live feed to the drainage engineer, identifying possible blockages, faults or other issues in the drains.

What Should You Expect During The Drains Survey?

As with most projects, there are some standard tasks that all drainage engineers complete when inspecting drains with CCTV equipment:

Preparation: Blasting your system with water jets flushes the drains so that small cracks or other blockages can be seen on the camera. Another team member will prepare other equipment, such as monitors and cables, while the drain cleaning is underway.

Surveying drains – Engineers pass CCTV cabling through the entire length of your pipes to relay images back to the monitor. If the drain survey is for a property you sell, the camera hopefully reveals nothing! However, if you have a drain problem, the imagery will show the possible causes.

Reporting: Writing findings into a detailed report usually takes the engineer a few days, although emergencies might require a quicker response. Expect to receive an email report as a minimum - and perhaps a link to the actual survey imagery - to document the findings.

Equipment For A Drain Survey

Engineers will likely use tools and equipment for a drain survey that provides the optimal view of the inside of your drains. The three most common pieces of equipment are:

A Drainage Jet: A drainage jet cleans the drain before feeding the camera down. The drain jetting is capable of powerful blasts of water to flush away minor blockages and dirt and should only be used by professional drainage experts.

A Waterproof Camera: A waterproof camera mounted on a long wire is easy to use in drain pipe tight spaces. It works under flowing water to give the engineers clear pictures on their monitor.

Flexible Access Rods: The long flexible access rod tubes help the camera through the drain. The professional rods give the proper support for the camera to navigate steep turns and tight corners such as U-bends in the drainage system.

When is a Drainage Survey Most Necessary?

A drainage survey is necessary when many solutions to unclog your drains have tried and failed, or the blockages keep returning. Standard CCTV survey requirements include:

  • Moving home.
  • Persistent blockages.
  • Unexplained leaks.
  • Water consumption is more than expected.

What do Drainage Professionals Find With CCTV Surveys?

The Cause of a Blockage: CCTV drain survey results allow you to identify the cause of a blockage. It might be hardened grease deposits, dead rodents or build-up of leaves. The survey shows the best way to solve any future bottleneck.

Cracks, Splits, or Burst Damage: Over time, drains suffer cracks, splits or burst damage. Thankfully the high-resolution cameras provide clear images so that even small gaps can be seen. A repair plan is then the next step in this instance.

Tree or Shrub Root Ingress: A common cause of collapsed pipes is roots ingress. Trees and shrubs grow towards water sources and into pipe joints. Pipes then need relining or excavating to replace them. The smallest shrub root ingress can cause enough damage to lose large volumes of water, so if you suspect a problem, call a professional as soon as possible.

CCTV drain surveys are an essential tool for maintaining healthy drainage systems. Experienced engineers conduct surveys with the skills and know-how for the best diagnosis. Whether you want clarification or diagnosis, contact us for an excellent experience and professional solution.