Items you Should Avoid Storing in the Bathroom

Bathrooms may seem like the perfect room to keep your toiletries, towels and other products handy, but surprisingly you should take extra care when storing certain items. Fluctuating temperatures and the moisture from baths, showers, hot taps and a humid environment can cause an increase in bacteria growth.


Soap bars get contaminated with dirt and germs. Therefore you get contaminated when you pick them up with your hands! In a humid bathroom environment, bacteria and viruses can spread. Liquid soap dispensers cut back on contaminated soap mess and are more hygienic as the pump is easier to clean.


Medicines are at a risk losing effectiveness in fluctuating temperatures and moisture. If your bathroom is a nice cosy warm space, then it is best to check the medicine labels carefully. Some need dry fridge space. Others must have a certain maximum temperature. But always store medicines away from the moisture of your bathroom in a constantly cool dry place.


Humid bathrooms can make the metal of jewellery oxidise, leading to tarnish and rust. If you take jewellery off before a shower and leave it in your bathroom, then stop before you turn on the taps! Always place jewellery in a dry area, preferably in another room.


Toothbrushes are vital for our health. However, the textured surface of a toothbrush is also the perfect place for bacteria to breed and viruses to spread. The humidity of the bathroom can provide bacteria with the moist temperatures to multiply. Store toothbrushes out of the way, either in a bathroom cabinet that is close to good ventilation or in another room.

Make-up products and perfumes

Protect the quality of your favourite make up products and perfumes. Bathrooms that constantly heat up, and cool down, will affect make-up condition. Washing makeup brushes regularly and storing them in a dry room is the best way to protect your face from unwanted mould spores. Humidity can also cause perfume to oxidise and ruin the scent. Keep your favourite nail varnishes in the fridge if you want them to last. Cooler temperature stops the nail varnish from evaporating and drying out.

Electrical Items

This may seem obvious, but always check that electrical items in the bathroom are waterproof. There are some wonderful shaver products that you can use both wet and dry, but do check the manufacturer instructions carefully and always buy from a reputable retailer. Electric shocks have serious consequences and can be fatal. Better to be safe than sorry.


Damp towels breed mould and bacteria. As they can’t dry out properly in a damp bathroom, use extractor fans as much as you can, an open window or install a new heated towel storage area. If you don’t have much ventilation, then hang your towels in the best drying area within your house.


A good book to read in the bath can stop us reaching for our phones – as phones in bathrooms are never a good idea! However, your favourite paper book will be damaged by humidity. So it’s best to keep the more pricey books away from bathrooms.

Razor Blades

A razor blade can stay in the bathroom, allowed to dry in between uses and thrown away when blunt. However, spares kept in the humidity of a bathroom are at risk of rusting and dulling. Keep packets of spare razor blades in a dry ventilated cabinet or room.

More handy hints

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